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Why not? You can either use the original xk2 engine, or you can MIDI it to xk3, and use it's own (better) engine.


You probably can't make the xk2 and xk3 look like a xk pro system without employing some diy skills though.

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The XK-3/3c have a lower/pedal MIDI mode where all you have to do is connect the XK-2 to the MIDI In2 and it will be/play the lower manual. The drawbars will also work as the LM drawbars so the 2 sets on the XK-3/3c can be assigned to the A# and B preset keys.


If you get an XK-3, the XK-2's sound output can be sent to the XK-3's input for separate C/V while using the XK-3's digital Leslie or 11 pin connector. This can also give you overdrive on the upper manual with none on the lower.

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