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DX-7 II FD Volume Fix?


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I'm in need of a little help. I just bought a DX-7 II FD (the one with the floppy drive slot). Everything is working fine so far as I can tell, but the volume is extremely low. If I turn the volume slider on the DX-7 and the volume on knob on the amp (or the headphones) up all the way, I can hear the sounds coming from the synth, but it is extremely low. I think the previous owner messed up the volume scale in the software, and I don't know how to reset it back to regular levels since I don't have the manual.


Could somebody here who owns one please help me give this baby its lungs back? :)

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The manual can be found via a Google search (which leads to this page) in PDF format. :thu:


Resetting the instrument will result in the wiping out of the patches in memory; the factory patches can be found in sysex format on the same page linked above, and on a lot of sites around the 'net.


I'd advise spending a bit of time reviewing the manual and see if you can resolve the issue that way. If you're impatient (or frustrated by the manual), you can perform an intialization (reset) on the unit.


To reset, do the following (please note, as explained above, this will intialize all the patches to the default state, so all you'll hear is a fundamental sine wave on every single patch once you perform this! Be sure to back up your patches if you want to save them, otherwise you'll need to reload a new set of patches to get the board back to playable state)


Make sure DX7II is turned on

Hold the [EDIT] button and press both [#16] and [#32] buttons


Result: Global System and Midi parameters such as Note On/Off's, Control Change values, Pitch Bend values are reset. All the parameters which belong to MIDI 1, MIDI 2, and Tune menu are initialized.


Note: The Reset procedure does not load the factory patches! Load the factory patches using the DX7 Data Cartridge.

(instructions from http://classes.berklee.edu/ms/msfacilities/resets/YAdx7ii.html, found by a (you guessed it) Google search. :thu:)


Good luck, and welcome to the forum. :D

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The DX7 has an internal battery. If the voltage is low, there is a possiblility that it could cause problems.


In the manual it will tell you how to check this voltage.


If you can find a way to reset the keyboard, that's where I would start - so you're on the right track.


Good luck. :thu:






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