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Pitchbend / modulation for wheel-less live rig


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Problem: To add pitch bend / modulation control of soft synths to a wheel-less live rig.


Rig: Nord Electro 2 (73) + laptop


I use the Electro for its organ and piano but also to control a few soft synths from my laptop - which, without standard pitch or mod control, is a bit limiting.




(1) Add an inexpensive 2nd keyboard (like an M-Audio Oxygen) to control the laptop.


I'm considering this, but hesitant as I really want a 2nd keyboard to be a weighted digital piano (like the new Yamaha CP 50 or upcoming Nord Piano) which also won't have mod wheels and I'm reluctant to consider an eventual 3-keyboard rig.


(2) Add just a midi controller for params such as pitch and modulation.


I'm looking for good alternatives here.


Here are other postings on the topic:






The Killamix Mini looks great



but is obviously expensive for what it is. It's the only solution I've found, however, that looks like it would fit well into a stream-lined live rig.


(3) Get an 88-key weighted midi controller or workstation instead of a digital piano.


Considering this also, but I'm unimpressed with the 88key midi

controllers (in terms of key action and portability) that I've tried and want to avoid hauling around a heavy keyboard (I have a Kurzweil K2500 and it never leaves home).


The Nord Stage would obviously fill the bill, but they're a little pricey and I already have an Electro.


. . . So that's my "problem".


Anyone else in a similar situation or any random thoughts from anyone?



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I'm interested in this as well, as I recently bought an inexpensive Casio that works great as a basic midi controller, but doesn't have any aux effects options. And all I do is some basic vibrato and leslie simulations that are already programmed in my sonic cell patches, so all I need is one little wheel or pedal.


For the OP, I do have a very good 44 lb 88-key weighted controller for sale - an older SL-880 Studiologic.

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I had a similar situation. I bought a Privia 330 w/pitch wheel but now I find myself wanting a modulation wheel. You may be able to do it with a BCR2000

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I'd go DIY. Find a cheap used midi keyboard, 25 keys or so, open it up, take the circuit board and the wheels (maybe some knobs too), put them in a box. The whole idea is worthy if you manage to find a very cheap board, maybe one with damaged case or broken keys.

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The Wheel Electronics is $60

Power Supply $15

Wheel Assemble $40

Rockin' out with your self-installed pitch and mod wheels: Priceless

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