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Had a strong cup of coffee yesterday evening and...


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...I was wired enough to get out the old Yamaha 12-string of death and youtube Extreme's "Hole Hearted" and played the SHAZZIT out of it maybe 20 times in a row to the video... MAN that was some kinda fun!!! HOLY CRAP is my shoulder sore this morning!!!!!! Definitely worth it though... :) That old Yammi sounded so much better than Nuno's that it wasn't funny! I haven't quite got all of the real fast single note riffs but that guitar is playable enough that even I can get all the transitions and voicings pretty much right... That is such a cool-a$$ song... You just can't play it or hear it and not smile a little... or a LOT!
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Well worth a bit of discomfort (if it`s ONLY a bit)-

That`s a karaoke favorite of mine even though I can`t do the multipart harmonies. Always reminds me of Zep`s `Over the Hills and Far Away` which I

worked out by ear on the acoustic many moons ago.

There`s a Japanese band called Pornografitti ( you can youtube them), always wondered if they got the name from that CD.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


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