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Anyone have Joe Henderson/Woody Shaw "Jazz Patterns"?


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Does anyone have the Joe Henderson/Woody Shaw album called "Jazz Patterns"? (out of print) If so, PLEASE drop me a PM. I can't find it anywhere, including Amazon. Many thanks!


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On the off-chance it's part of a re-release package with different title, cover, etc., do you know what year it's from?


I have a fair number of albums by both artists, so I'll check and see if anything looks a likely candidate...

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Mark, thanks for your help! Here's what I could find online about it:


Joe Henderson Quintet live at the Lighthouse.

Part 2. Everest Records. FS 363


Recorded live at the Lighthouse Cafe, Hermosa Beach, California. September 1970.


"Hidden behind this truly awful cover is, in effect additional material from the 3 recordings made on the 24th, 25th and 26th September. Therefore, you've got George Cables, Ron McClure, Lenny White and Tony Waters lending a hand to Henderson and Shaw. There's 3 tracks: Invitation, Lofty and What's Mine is Yours. (The last track is a retitled version of Power to the People")


Now I just bought "Live at the Lighthouse" at iTunes, and it's great, so I'd really love to have these additional three tracks. At one point there was a Joe Henderson Box Set that may have had these few additional cuts on it, but I don't know.

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