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dp sound source comparison


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Does anyone know the differences/similarities, between Yamaha's "spectral component modeling,(cp1/5/50 and Kawai's "harmonic imaging" (mp4/5/8 mk 2,es4/6, ep3)? Am understanding that both manufacturers use a form of modeling and sampling.
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Well, as I recall, the Yamaha modeling covers the e-pianos (hence "component modeling").


For the acoustic pianos, I'm not sure whether Athan Billias answered that in another post or not, but I'm pretty sure Yamaha and Kawai have taken different approaches for how to get the harmonic content of the string resonance to line up properly without phasing etc.


Generally, the vendors are going to play it close to the chest on the details, so a lot will be speculation. GEM was probably the most open of any vendor in discussing any level of granularity of details about what they did, with DRAKE.

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