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HELP Warwick Streamer pickups/electronics???


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I need help

I have a 4 string Warwick Streamer from 1989

It originally had EMG pickups PJ style and their peramp.

The preamp blew / went on it so it needed to be replaced.

I'm not a fan of EMGs - too loud

So I replaced them with Bartonis and a Aguliar OBP1 preamp.

Problem is the bass would always hiss. I took it to 2 different repair guys and they couldn't resolve the hissing problem. So I took out the preamp and its now passive bass

Here are my questions.

Should the Agulair/bartolini combonation work?? Are the compatable or not??

I am willing to buy new pickups and/or preamp. Any suggestions??

I am also not a fan of MEC pickups

This is my main bass so i play it most of my gigs.

I play all styles, Rock, blues, funk, jazz. Finger or slap, no pick. So I need a well rounded bass with different sound options.



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