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just had to vent and laugh


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Attention: Keyboard Corner has been renamed Go Take a Dump in the Corner. A new forum Keyboard Technologies Only is now open for those only interested in the technical side. All OT BS will be Axed

Triton Extreme 76, Kawai ES3, GEM-RPX, HX3/Drawbar control, MSI Z97

MPower/4790K, Lynx Aurora 8/MADI/AES16e, OP-X PRO, Ptec, Komplete.

Ashley MX-206. future MOTU M64 RME Digiface Dante for Mon./net

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On this forum you can categorize threads into 3 general topics. As I see it 1)OT stuff, 2)gear trashing/praising, or 3)variations of "whats the best keyboard/synth/dp". All of which include your fair share of mud-slinging, spelling nazi's, fanboys, and haters.


Technical posts are few and far between, and if any, you'll only find references to gear specs. You wont find many detailed questions and answers like, for example, at the motifator.com forum.


Hope this helps


Motif XS8, MOXF8, Hammond XK1c, Vent

Rhodes Mark II 88 suitcase, Yamaha P255

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