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One QSC K-12


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I'm being told that one K-12 will more than make up for my exploded KC-500 stereo set up minus the stereo of course. Used as keyboard amp and monitor in a loud rock setting. Also, the "K" has "A" and "B" input channels. Can I connect the "L" "R" out from my stereo mixer to "A" "B" in on the "K"?
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It's fine, but what Kevin's saying is that it's the same thing. You're not going to get a 'stereo' effect out of one speaker. The sound will be the exact same as if you plugged into one of the QSCs inputs from the 'Left/mono' out of your keyboard, because your keyboard sums to mono on that out when nothing's plugged into the 'Right' out.

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Of course. I was just wondering if there would be any harm to the QSC in conecting it that way.


And it's always good to contact the manufacturer & check with them. :thu:


In this case - no harm. The K12 has a great mixer on the back. This gives it a great deal of flexibility.


It's a nice speaker - no doubt.


Good luck, Mr. Oxfordman & welcome to The Keyboard Corner.




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