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Pick ups for fretless


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Bout to get this fretless and, although tha pickups sound gewd and round, IIIII think I can find pups that better extend that fretless sound. Dont know if it makes that much of a difference, but, are there pups that anyone can suggest and/or know for sure that can do just this?


ohh, and its a jazz bass :D

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:cool: Hmmmm, Barts would definately bring out that nice fretless growl, Ya know?...I like passive pickup sound, but please anyone who replys, please give Me advive on both ends if possible(meaning passive pup opinions and active pups opinions) thanks!
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I have Duncan Bassline SPB3's in my PJ fretted and they sound great. They're passive, and a little on the hot side. I'd like to have some SPB1's for another project bass that I'm planning. They're supposed to have a more vintage sound.

I think I'd prefer passive pups on a fretless, but that's just me. Although I'd like to hear the active Basslines that Bottom End is using.

Duncan makes nice pups, but so do Bartolini and Lindy Fralin. There's only one way to find out, settle on a brand and buy it. That's what I did when I bought the SPB3's. I think the reason I chose Duncan's was because they had more useful info about their products on their web site.

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