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New paperless sheet music system - Samepage

Floyd Tatum

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Saw this on the back page of the International Musician, the monthly union mag. It's called SamePage Performance station. The screen's 19" wide, big enough to show 2 pages, and it's a touch interface, I think, and also includes a monitor system. I thought some of you would like to see it.


SamePage Performance Station


It seems to be targeted at "worship leaders" (is that the same as choir directors?), but perhaps it would also work for small groups, or single musicians. I would need to know more about it before I could say that definitively, though. I just liked the fact that the screen was big, and could display two pages, instead of one, which is what you usually see. I think it would be nice if some company made an even bigger model, capable of displaying 3 or even 4 pages. But, one step at a time.




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It seems to be targeted at "worship leaders" (is that the same as choir directors?)


The term is typically used more in conjunction with evangelical churches that have a contemporary music program - where the W.L. is leading the service during the (possibly somewhat extended) musical section. In smaller churches of this type, the W.L. probably also is conducting the band, praise singers, possibly a choir (praise singers are added vocalists with strong voices that lead the congregation in the songs - which are typically not found in hymnals, but may be passed out on sheets or projected on a video screen.


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Nice looking but I suspect once someone comes out with suitable software that works on either a Tablet PC or iPad that's more or less game over for the likes of these guys, and Freehand.

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Many churches, mine included, have a musical director who's job is to supply the music for the services. This includes overseeing the music that will be performed, the praise band, and choir, and the licensing and purchase of the rights and any needed sheet music and recordings. In the case of my church, he also leads the congregation in the musical portions of the service. In that role, he is the "Worship Leader".


We're currently working on a 1 hour Cantata for Easter, and there are parts there that are labled "W.L.". This is what our musical director will be doing in the performance.


After looking at the site, I can see where it would be great for use by a worship leader. The ability to have the musicians on stage getting the same feed, and having page control with a footswitch as well as the touch screen is quite nice. Sure, it may be a bit cost prohibitive, but some churches might actually buy these.


Not going to happen soon at my church. I heard the musical director commenting about the $90 it would cost to tune the little Whurlitzer spinet in the choir rehearsal room. They'd rather spend the money on keeping the baby grand on the main stage in tune, and making sure that all royalties are fully paid for the music performed.


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