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Somewhat OT: Borrowing $ for Musical Projects


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Has anyone borrowed from a lender, in exchange for payment of principal, interest, and a % of royalties (revenues from sales of music in any format)? If so, what issues and negotiation points should I be looking for? It needs to be unsecured, i.e. no dedication of house/dog/son as security. Thanks.
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Record companies have provided those unsecured loans for decades. :laugh:


Folks have used bank loans, credit cards and other creative ways (fundraiser, gigs, etc.) to finance their musical projects.


However, the real question is strength of fanbase i.e. # of folks already committed to purchasing the product.


Before going to a bank, try to line up private investors. Still helps to have a solid business plan.


Also, talk to an entertainment lawyer to figure out how to legitimize the endeavor and insure everyone gets paid. :cool:



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I've never heard of ANY commercial lender funding a venture like this on an unsecured basis.


Typically, this kind of arrangement works best with private/angel venture funding.



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I financed a couple of CDs by pre-selling them. I also invited people to support my work by kicking in $50, $100 or $500. Give $100, get your name on the website, give $500, and I'll come do a concert at your house kind of thing.


You have to have a bit of a base to begin with, but I got a lot of help and made a profit.


I'll be doing it again in a couple of months. We'll see if the changes in our economy will affect people's willingness or ability to do this.

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