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I've just been (again!) through one of my 'prog rock' phases, & came across this on YouTube -


Yes - in the studio working on 'Parallels' from the 'Going for the One' album (1977).....


How superb is it to see a band of such quality working like this? (esp. Chris Squire on bass - + no vocals in there yet)





some stuff on myspace


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Yes, our bass player sent us that one a coupla weeks ago. There are others from those sessions too. There is one showing Jon Andersen laying down the vocal track that is really cool. He keeps adding onto it from the beginning. They would play what they'd captured so far, he would listen and get into it and come in and add more until he screwed up and then the sequence would repeat. One thing I got from those videos was that they are forcing some of the rythmns that I'd always thought they were able to pull off effortlessly. Even Yes had to practice, eh? Thanks for the video. :thu:




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