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Thoughts and experience with Cantabile??


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Tired of the MUSE Abuse and considering other options. I read that Cantabile incorporates Jbridge . Im assuming that a 32 bit plug can not take advantage of the amount of RAM that a 64bits environment can provide. Looks like Zynewaves Podium likes Cantabile any thoughts??

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I've used the 1.1 free version for a while - not for anything complex - just a very quick sequencer/vst host that I could bring up in seconds and get rid of all the complexity of the usual sequencer software.


Downloaded the 2.0 version last week - I have run EWQN Gold Pianos through it with the 64-bit version - worked quite well. I was using about 3G of the 8G of RAM in the box, but didn't check to see how much went where. Note that this is the free version rather than the paid version.


The thing I like most about the program is that it gives me a very good diagnostic tool when Sonar gets lost in the wild blue yonder - I usually find that I'm sending the audio to a non-existing port or some similar thing.


Based on the amount of utility I've gotten for free, I would have no problem at all spending the modest sum that they want for the paid version.


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