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Keyboard and Sound Module Combo for gigging?

Bo Ayars

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Not sure what your question is. Only you can answer if the rack module version of the K2600 and a 76-key unweighted action works for you on your gigs.


For me, when the gig is more than a handful of songs - and becomes several hours and multiple sets - I am far more willing to schlep 40lb+ weighted action, 2nd board, rack, unpowered 3-way speakers, cable bag, stand etc. Because all the audience is going to remember is my sound, and I want to enjoy the three hours I'm going to be there.


The K2600 series has a wealth of great sounds...I have the XS version and gigged all 80 lbs. of it for years. Personally, I couldn't do a long one-board gig on an unweighted keyboard, but that's just my personal preference based on the types of music I play.

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