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Samick LS-450 Les Paul


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I just scored a 1997 Samick LS-450 Les Paul in Black, with hardcase, although it is not the original hardcase. $195. The gold is worn in a couple places, and the neck has a tiny dent in the back, also some very minor fretwear.

SUPPOSEDLY, this was being produced in the same Samick factory as the Reissue 59's of the time either by Gibson or Epiphone, depending on who you read. Again, according to internet stories, supposedly Gibson made Samick stop after about 36-40 months due to it being TOO good and the Artist series dissapeared. It is a great unit. Set neck, mahogany body, gotoh tuners, excellent wiring, abalone inlays, so on. Wish it wasn't black, but for $195 I don't care. 2010 copy of Electric Guitar Guide says it is worth about $375 in the condition mine is in.

It is very well made, and much to my surprise, has a Gibson nut on the truss rather than the usual allen head. Anyone really know the history of this unit? Some have called it The Holy Grail of Les Paul knockoffs. I wouldn't go that far, but it is really a sweet sounding unit.

History, anyone??

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Congrats, sounds like a really good score at a great price! Pics? Clips?


Black, huh? With gold-plated hardware? More or less a Les Paul Custom copy?


As far as I know, Samick has previously manufactured instruments for the Epiphone brand, but not any to be Gibson-branded (at least not legitimately or with the full knowledge and consent of their official management- it's a safe bet that somebody, somewhere, has made some counterfeit Gibsons and Epiphones after-hours in some Asian factory or another).

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