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Advice on Home Studio websites?


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Does anybody have any good links to this sort of project? I don't want people going over old ground here, I guess you have been asked many times!


It will be iMac based. I have some Kef monitors I got given, and was told they sound good and were used in a pro studio, no idea what they are until I unbox them.


I have a Mackie mixer, my keys, some mics, although not condenser.


Do I need any outboard gear outside of Protools plugins.


I can plug all my keys into my mixer then send come out into my MBox audio interface?


Sorry for sounding amateurish, it's been a laptop, cubase, and an alesis USB audio interface so far.


Oops, I promised not to ask specific questions!

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If all you want to do is set up a small system to record yourself, you've probably got it covered. A couple of mics, some headphones...


If you want to get serious about doing release-quality recordings, that is a whole different subject.


I don't know what is there these days but I used to write for a website called prorec.com. The archives should be filled with useful info.

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Maybe you already have this figured out, but one way to use the Mackie mixer is with the Alt 3-4 outputs. I have set them up so that all my keys plus the output from the Mbox goes to inputs with the mixer outputting to your speakers. Connect the Alt 3-4 outputs to the line ins on the MBox. When you want to record one of your keyboards in Protools, just push Alt 3-4 for that channel. It will mute it from the mains.


If you're running Protools 8, they've included a lot of very nice plugins and I wouldn't think you'd need anything beyond that. Maybe a hardware reverb if you're doing a lot of vocals.


The Digidesign User Forum is a great place for answers and it's very well attended/supported.



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Thanks for the links, it's just a box room 11x11ft. I'm learning Protools LE 8 as part of my music course and will be taking the 101 exam Digidesign do. I'm turning into a chill room/home studio, as I turn 35 this year I think it's time! I'm not planning on any guitar/keyboard amps or anything, I heard how good the amp sims are and am really impressed how good you can get great produced sound from a small work area.
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hi B3Boy,

(First post here) You can't go wrong with John Sayers site and forum. http://www.johnlsayers.com/. I think it is the best out there.

Also make sure you check out the recording manual at that site. It includes possible designs for common rooms sizes etc.





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