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tuner peg sleeve?


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Ok so I've ben putting this off for a while. I bought an old guitar that I fell in love with at a used instrument shop. It's not a nice guitar by any means but that's beside the point.


In my haste to buy this guitar i failed to notice that the metal sleeves that usually line the holes in the headstock where the tuning pegs poke through were missing. This isn't that big of a problem unless you are trying to tune on the fly. the lack of sleeves causes friction between the pegs and the wood making it very difficult to turn the tuners.


So, basically I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can find a set of these sleeves. or at least tell me what they are called so i can do a proper web search for myself.





Hooray for the Moon
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Measure the diameter of the hole in the headstock, and the existing bushings, compared to the dimensions described in the following diagrams (*courtesy of Stewart-MacDonald); a dial-caliper will work best, and most come with both outside and inside measuring-surfaces.


Note that some bushings may only be available in sets of six, although I believe that some are available individually.


Note also that on those press-in bushings that feature a small "lip" on the bottom, the lip may be filed away to fit some guitars.


Approximately how old is this guitar, and where was it made? It's possible that it was made with metric measurements, but it is most likely "Standard"/"English".


(There are certainly opther bushings out there, but these two are good for reference, and one or the other may well fit your guitar.)


"Vintage Style"*



"1920s Style"*


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If you have a good guitar store with a luthier, they will usually have lots of spare parts and or help you get the right ones...my guy would do this for free and give me the parts at his cost if he had to order them...it's a good way to meet the guys in the back and get to know them (if you haven't already)...if you're strictly DIY kinda guy then you can't go wrong with Caevan's diagrams...I would try to match up with what came stock on the original version if possible...
Take care, Larryz
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The guitar is a Harmony Patrician archtop. From the design it appears to be from the mid 1950's. Made in the US.

I am planning on taking it down to the local shop this week (maybe today) but I don't know the guys here too well. I might have to drive back to Minneapolis and go to my usual guy, but we'll see.


Thanks for all the help guys.

Hooray for the Moon
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