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Bach Saturday pt. 1.


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I saw your post at HC on classical guitar dealers, I am not registered there so I hope you don't mind if I put my 2 cents in here. Judging from your video you already have a decent sounding guitar, what is it?


The reason I am asking is that your $2000 budget is right on the line of maybe getting a good handmade instrument. To get much better than what you have you are probably looking in the $2500 and up range for a new luthier built guitar. Any factory made guitar isn't going to be much better than what you have, and some may not even be as good. You may find a good deal on a used guitar but dealers usually have a hefty markup.


Deciding on a guitar that expensive is going to take some thought. There are lots of different designs and sounds. One of the things that a luthier made guitar will have is more volume and the ability to project that volume. But beware, some designs make sacrifices in tone to achieve that volume, you just have to decide what your needs and tastes are. Also spruce vs. cedar can be an issue in determining what sound you like.


One thing to be aware of is that a good handmade classical is going to be built very lightly, just strong enough to withstand the forces of the strings. This means you will have to take really good care of the guitar. Humidity is a big problem, if the guitar gets too dry it may crack. Also, a thin finish like a french polish sounds good but easily scratches, even just your fingernail hitting the top, or worse changing strings can dent it.


Do a search on classical guitar dealers, you might not find any close ones but there are more near you in MI than there are for me in TX hehe. I have heard good things about the builders Loprinzi and Kenny Hill, you may check them out as they have some very affordable handbuilt guitars. Good Luck.

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to reply! That guitar is an Alvarez CY90 from 1988. I bought it new. I've played affordable guitars that sounded better, like a Cordoba C7. But I think I can do better as that Cordoba was only $500.


I'd like aguitar that has a deeper body for more volume. That's what I'm looking for; is more responce to my dynamics, and of course good round tone.


Guitar Salon recommended me a Cordoba Custom Artist. I'm considering that. I wish ther was a dealer in my area that carried one though.


I searched out custom guitar builders, and the prices were outrageous. I'd buy a car before I'd spend that kind of money. But I'm still looking.


There was a Pavan TP-30 that seemed reasonable. There were acouple others as well.



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Again, I thought your guitar sounded pretty good on the video. The Cordoba Custom Artist may be a little bit better,maybe project a little better and be louder, but is it worth 4 times the price. The big leap is to the custom made instruments, it's a different mindset than with steel strings and electrics, and it's hard to make the mental leap to paying $2500,$5000, or even more for a non "brand" name. Even then, it's not really the more money the better the guitar. I think the sweet spot for value is in the 3-5k range, from a lesser known builder. The more expensive guitars are usually from builders that get known from someone famous playing their guitars.


I don't know your financial situation, but if it were me I would keep playing the Alverez until I saved for a pro level guitar. Virtually every serious classical player plays a custom instrument, even students try and get one as soon as it is affordable. I had the same thought processes as you did on paying as much as a car, but after lots of research found that was really the only way to go. I keep thinking that there has to be a factory made or mass produced guitar that is almost as good, but everyone I have talked to says otherwise.


I haven't played the Cordoba Custom Artist, so maybe it is really nice. But all my research tells me that there is very little difference between a $1000 guitar and $2000 one. So maybe the best way would be to find a way to play several guitars in one setting ,along with your Alverez, and compare them head to head. Once you play a really nice guitar it's hard to get the sound out of your head. Thats what got me hooked. I was looking for something in the $1500 range but once I tried a luthier made guitar, I just knew I had to have one.

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