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Fender P-Bass (Japanese) neck adjustment question

tony conley

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A friend just loaned me a Japanese Fender P-Bass from the 90s.


It's suffering from really high action. The truss rod is only half exposed (It peeks out over the body at the neck/body joint). What's the best way to go at this problem? Must the neck come off?


It's a great sounding bass. I just need it to play better and was hpoping not to have to take it to a tech.

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I have a mid 80's MIJ Precision. The head on mine is just a little more than half exposed, just enough for me to catch one of the grooves with a small flat head screw driver. Mine also doesn't have a pick guard which makes it easier.


If your not able to to get a screwdriver on it then you will need to remove the neck.

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Taking the neck off a Fender and putting it back on is a very minor deal.


For convenience however I would (and have) followed the Pimp's suggestion and rout out, at an angle, a bit of the body and pickguard. Dremel's are wonderful things.


You will want to remove the neck to do the routing.

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