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Multi-generational jam session

jeremy c

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Here we have, from left to right:

my sister, her son my 10 year old nephew, me, my 14 month old grand-niece, my 34 year old nephew, and my brother. Various other relatives were also in the room, including my 36 year old nephew and his wife (father and mother of the little girl), and the father of the violinist (husband of my sister) who took this great picture.


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Excellent ! A true K*dak moment if ever I saw one :grin: BTW Jeremy, there's a guy on my daily commute to work who could really pass for you (except I never see him with a bass). I'm trying to get my pal to take a pic of the guy while he's sleeping, cos I have a "classic" cell phone and can only call & text people. Will keep you posted !

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Holy crap, JC; Don't bump your head, fella. You are like, about as tall as Conan O'Brian. That helps to explain the fast swim times!


Nice Pic.


Paul K

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Boy, I'll bet your holidays are fun!


We've got a 4-string bass, two electric guitars, a Martin acoustic, a mandolin, a violin, a piano, a cornet, a trumpet and an accordion in my house. Sadly, no two instruments are picked up at the same time.

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Nice. It's great when you come from a musical family.


My dad plays piano, my brother piano, trumpet and drums, my wife flute, my daughter is learning violin, my cousin plays violin, guitar and piano. We do NOT have a QUIET Christmas get together!


I have a pic somewhere of my dad on piano, brother on drums, cousin on guitar and singing and me on the bass for my cousins 40th.


Unfortunately we all live about an hour and a half apart from each other so get togethers are few and far between.

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What fun that must have been J. My wife has played piano, but not for a very long time. Our grandson plays guitar, drums and a little bass. I need to get together with him and play. Thanks for the reminder.

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