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Late night recording session and the McRib Sandwich

Mr. L

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on this device they show commercials right?


Commercials are the reason I stopped watching broadcast TV. As the years progressed they've been showing more commercials and less program material, squeezed ads in the margins during newscasts and program, had ads for movies and products disguised as "news stories"...


If they raise revenue by showing ads, then why am I paying for cable service...?


I got so sick of it that I cut the cable forever. When I see the TV at my parents house I can see how much worse it got and I do not miss it.

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Y'know, don't you, that the McRibbet Sandwich is made from frogs &, while untended to help MacDonalds break into the French market (part of their regional approach to world-wide marketing), has been a bigger success in SE Asia than anywhere else.


I had to read this twice to get it. Got it. :D

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No, this is not an ad but just a small, teensy moment from my client's documentary of her recording session where we all kinda hit a wall after almost 13 hours of recording at about 2:00 a.m. Boy were we all loopy!





It's been so long, you're welcome back my friends......to the show that never ends!!!
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