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Drawbar settings for You've Made Me So Very Happy?


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I have to sub with a local band on Saturday and the wedding couple wants this song. The changes are no problem, but what would be the best setting for my Nord Electro to get the organ sound that BS&T had? Thanks.

Jim Wells

Tallahassee, FL



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It alternates between all out in the intro, first verse, and ending choruses and 88888 (back off the 4' and 2 2'3 to taste) in the first chorus and second verse pretty much, Leslie either fast or off. Great tune!


Todd A. Phipps

"...no, I'm not a Hammondoholic...I can stop anytime..."

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Man, one of my favourite BS&T tunes. I just listened to the album cut on YouTube. Never realized it was such a B-3 tune. Really expensive, rich chords, nice timing turning the Leslie from stop to fast & vice versa. Happy licks from the start of the outro until the fade. I always figured it was Al Kooper. Turns out it's not. Anyone know who it was?




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This isn't their first album, but it was one of mine.


Released in 1969 after Child is Father to the Man.





"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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The back cover of the LP (their second album, pictured in the post above) lists all the performance credits, listing the instruments played by each musician. Dick Halligan is the only one who is listed as having played the organ on this album.


I absolutely love this song - a great piece of songwriting, a great arrangement, and a great performance. I would love to do it in our covers band, but we are currently without a real keyboard player.

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