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This looks very cool. I'd love to play one. However, at $4K to $5K it's not likely to be part of my rig anytime soon.
Instrumentation is meaningless - a song either stands on its own merit, or it requires bells and whistles to cover its lack of adequacy, much less quality. - kanker
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They let me have one for a couple of weeks. Killer instrument but I need to get my fingers used to playing strings. There is a smaller version in the works (it may have been announced by now).


I was using it through my Eventide Eclipse and was able to get some pretty unique textures from the Harpejji. They use a clever muting system that opens the pickup when the string hits the fret. This keeps the sympathetic vibrations under control.


Jordan does a great job with it in the vid. Thanks for posting that. When I get enough cash to get one, I will.

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