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Help finding song, please?


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Back in 1977 or '78, I heard a song while driving in a blinding snowstorm, only heard it that one time, and now for some reason, am trying to track it down. All I remember is that the DJ claims the artist was Paul McCartney's stepbrother(Not even sure he HAS one), but it sounded a lot like Mark Bolan. All I can relate is that each verse ended with the words, "Givin greasers rides" And at the end of the tune, he sings "I am ___at the wheel of my automobile. giving greasers rides." If anyone of you know this tune, please let me know who it is and what the title is. No luck on any online sites that ask you to put in any lyrics for a search.



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Following up on bluzkat's excellent info (good job!), I found out that "Givin' Grease a Ride" is track #9 on his 1974 album McGear. If you do a search for ' Givin' Grease a Ride ', you'll turn up all manner of free-listen and ringtone offers...


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