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Please help me find some jazz I can get down with.


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Have you heard any Chuck Loeb? Being stuck there myself, I know what you mean about the Pentatonic thing. I want to break out of those "boxes" and play lines.

One way to do that:


Listen more to horn players, less to guitarists. On guitar, transcribe a trumpet or sax solo that's more melodic than, let's say, technical. Miles is a good place to start. I'd recommend his "Autumn Leaves" solo from Cannonball Adderley's "Somethin' Else" or the "Bye Bye Blackbird" solo from "'Round About Midnight". Both are relatively easy.


Next step: transcribe a melodic piano solo on guitar.


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A separate thread lead me to find this video. I think you all may be interested in it. Some cool stuff here. Doesn't hit like I was lookin for, but there are some fine sounds here and great guitarists that I know we can all appreciate.



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I have that CD/DVD combo; really enjoyed it! Loaned it out to someone with several other CDs quite a while ago and have yet to get 'em back...


I still prefer his albums The Real McCoy (1967) and Today And Tomorrow (1964), which I have on CD; and also his work with John Coltrane, particularly on the incredible instrumental tune "My Favorite Things". :cool:

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