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Best Film Scores -- What's Your Pick?


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I don't know about the best, but some of the mose recognizable and memorable scores I can think of are:


Star Wars

Raiders of the Lost Ark



Now if you want to delve into sound tracks, just about every John Hughs film ever made had a soundtrack full of memorable songs - plus others from the era that weren't his, like Footloose, Beverly Hills Cop, and Back to the Future (which was also a great score by the way).



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Try "Catch Me If You Can". Somewhat un-Williams-like for a Williams score. The '60s cool, pre-Mad Men title sequence is great.


Very un-Williams. When I first heard it I thought Henry Mancini had risen from the grave to write it!

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Ocean's Eleven

The Incredibles (best Bond rip ever!)

Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Pan's Labyrinth

Just about anything by Henry Mancini

And the most exciting big band chart ever written: The James Bond Theme - Monty Norman and John Barry


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Others have noted it, but Morricone's music in Cinema Paradiso is exquisite. Captures the sense of nostalgia so perfectly. We just purchased a copy--the director actually had the music playing on the set during the filming, one reason why it all meshes so perfectly.
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The Wizard of Oz deserves a mention in this thread.
Great Harold Arlen songs... but I just don't think of people singing songs in musicals as being film scoring.


You're forgetting a lot then. The wicked witch music, The tornado scene, the spooky forest music, the Valkyrie-type flying monkey music, the poppies, the triumphant music when the wiz is handing out diplomas ( aka "Throne Room music"), the strings chords at the end. There must be 45 minutes of non-sung, actual film scoring in the movie.

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You're absolutely right that the music was great throughout. I was just considering the film scores for most musicals as secondary to the songs.


Fair enough, difference of opinion. :cool:


OZ is really in a category by itself, there's really nothing like it. In the last 3rd of the movie, there are no songs whatsoever, so I don't really consider "Wizard" as a musical, not in the traditional sense. Most musicals have very little if any underscoring. I consider it more of a hybrid film, there was no musical version of Oz before the film came out, unlike something like My Fair Lady.


Back on Topic:


We saw "Breakfast at Tiffanys" over Xmas, and I was reminded what a great score it had.

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Too many to call a favorite, but the few I'm listening to lately are:


Battlestar Galactica (all seasons), Bear McCreary*


Sum of All Fears, Jerry Goldsmith


Solaris, Cliff Martinez


The Prestige, David Julyan


(*Seriously, the music from BSG was unbelievably good ... better than anything else I've ever heard written for a TV series. Bear McCreary is an incredibly talented composer, one I hope to hear a lot more from in the future.)

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