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About leaving your guitar laid.....


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Im building a new furniture for my living room with a special drawer for my dads guitar (the instrument stays in a hanging neck support now).

Anyone stores it laid, with the strings up? Will it damage the guitar?

Thanks guys.


As long as it's protected, this is the best position for a guitar.


Yhup; just make sure that there's lots of support spread out over both a generous area of the instrument, and arranged so that the neck itself isn't being strained by acting like a bridge spanning two widely spaced support-points.

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How much and when will they be on the market? :) I like it. I have too many guitar stands taking up room... or is it too many guitars taking up room? Naa, can't be that! :D

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Recent tests by NASA (thank Jah that our tax monies are well spent) suggest that an atmosphere-controlled, zero-G environment may be best.

Additionally, it's a good performing, uh, space for certain genres.

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Best place is in the case as long as it's not upside down...it will protect the guitar from earthquakes, kids and dogs, dust, scratches, dings, etc...the worst dings in my guitars have come from leaving them on the stand and knocking them over accidently...I do have a rack in my bedroom studio closet that holds five or six guitars and still leaves room for the unused cases if I want to leave them out and handy, then I just close the closet door and it helps keep the dust out of all of them...
Take care, Larryz
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Of course I put my guitar on a stand on stage, being VERY careful to stay out of the flow of traffic.... one time a guy knocked my guitar over and broke the headstock almost completely OFF! But I was able to get it fixed, and the pastor paid for the damage, thank God. It was only $200 or so for the repair.

At home, it stays in its case if I'm not playing it.

My wooden mando doesn't even HAVE a case, LOL - although the metal resonator mando does. The wooden mando fits in the latter case, luckily!

In NYC we don't worry about earthquake or tornado or hurricane damage too much... mostly it's the planes flying into buildings we're worried about.....

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