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Beginner Question for you guys

Mike Rakhabit

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Hey guys,


Just like to introduce myself first of all Im Ryan, love the site got it recommended to me from a freind.Secondly I have a question for you guys Im wanting to Learn bass I have absolutely no experience and this one reason is why I never started earlier,I cannot find a decently priced readily available Left handed Bass.Now I have however found an old sg ambi Im weary of it though because of where the knobs are I was just wondering if It gonna make a huge diff and if the knobs are gunna interfere with my learning process.Any help is appreciated I would just really hate to purchase something Im going to regret.



Thnx guys

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Yes you can play a rightie, but yes it would be better to play a leftie. Keep searching. You should also be looking for a teacher and maybe they can help too.



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Welcome Mike! :wave:


+1 with Davio on this one. They seem to have a nice selection of lefties. Maybe not the best basses but surely good student quality. Yes you can use a righty but it would depend on your comfort level whether or not it is right for you.

Lydian mode? The only mode I know has the words "pie ala" in front of it.


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FWIW, just to muddy the waters a bit, Musicians Friend has a listing for a Squier Vintage Modified in a left hand version that may work for you as well. It shows out of stock, but the right hand version is a well respected bass for the price.


Welcome to the Lowdown and the fun world of bass :)

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Fellow lefty here, Welcome to the forum Mike.


Rondo is a good place to start as the SX basses are good quality instruments and very affordable. Be aware that that they usually require a good setup, of course this applies to most basses anayway.


Since you are completely new to this it would be a good idea to take it to a competent luthier/ repairman at a local shop, it shouldn't cost very much, in fact a good shop will do a basic setup when they put on a new set of strings so it might be best to just have a new set put on and ask if he will let you watch and explain the basics to you. This usually includes checking the neck for straightness and adjusting the trussrod if necessary, setting the intonation and action (the height of the strings),this is done by adjusting the bridge saddles.


The new Squier "Vintage Modified" Jazz bass is offered in a lefthanded model in the $300 price range but you may be able to find a used Fender MIM (Made in Mexico) model for that price. If you have $400 - $500 to spend you can do very well in the used market in that price range even in lefthanded instruments.


There is another forum http://www.leftybassist.com/ that is a great place and there are often guys selling basses there, so it would be a good resource for you as well.


Good luck and let us know how it goes.



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Fellow lefty over here!


It all depends on what you consider "decently priced". Back when I was a pup, the knock-off Japanese basses were going for $800 (I rocked the S... the S... something or the other that began with the letter 'S' and ended with the #10).


Thank God things have changed.


Anyway, if you want a name brand to go by, Yamaha used to make some fairly priced, decent sounding low end gear, as well as Ibanez. And (don't laugh), if you can get over the 'marketing to girls' angle, I bought my daughter a sub- $200 Daisy Rock that floored me with it's sound.


If you go used, bring an experienced buddy with you, that way any problems you have, hopefully he can diagnose any problems, and what might need tweaking vs what might need major surgery.



BTW -- Do you ever get tired of righties looking at you like you were nuts and asking 'why don't you just learn it the right-handed way' or 'why can't you just turn it upside down' ?


Everytime I hear that, I know what I want my reaction to be, but I stop myself, thinking that the words '24 fret neck' and 'proctologist' should never be used in the same sentence.

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SO guys found Anice lil lefty in a pawn shop down the street to It to the music store and had it check out,sounds good,nothing broken or cracked the paint suck and the idiot who owned it before carved some stupid wolfs head into it..Minor detail its $100 and its fine to learn on Im really happy with it...haha only problem is it needs new strings there old and the bonehead who had it before me strung it up righty.. anyways Ill tell you guys how it goes..thanks alot



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Sounds like you might have a good deal there Mike.


Just one thing you ought to check: if the bass has been strung righty the owner might have either replaced the nut with a righty or dug out the original grooves a bit more to accomodate the moved E and A strings.


You might have to pad out these grooves with card or something when you restring.


No biggie though...





Graham (another lefty)

www.talkingstrawberries.com - for rocking' blues, raw and fresh!
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For Future Reference:



I got my lefty MIM JBass from them and they were really helpful and friendly.

They sometimes have used basses, so check in occasionally.


The Squier Vintage Modified is a good bass, my friend just got one and it really sounds great even in a perormance setting.

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