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Best Used Synth?


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I figure this would be like buying a generation-old used car, to get the best available.


Okay... what's the best generation-old used car?

You beat me to it. ;-)


Hands down- a Trabi (Trabant)



Steve Force,

Durham, North Carolina


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Also, if I might add,thanks for teaching me how to find items that have been deemed "sold" on ebay. Earlier, I was just making a suggestion based on my observations and found that the response was a bit hostile and could not understand why. Being hostile to other fellow musicians is not cool... I did nothing wrong, just made a suggestion and suggested an avenue to look at as a possibility to help someone. Is that a reason to be mean to someone else? I felt that I had to become defensive and based on my observations and statement ended up being verbally challenged, even though I did nothing wrong. My words were quoted and used in a manner that was off context. I would quite frankly like to know why since I am a newcomer. Is this your initiation? Or are you just like this to everyone. Do you have a personal problem with me?
Leonora, welcome to the KC forum.


Usually things don't seem so hostile. You made an assertion; it was disputed, and the hostility ramped up on both sides rather equally. Please don't let this dissuade you from trying again. Things are usually very friendly here.


I have no dog in this fight, and I'm not particularly tight with those who replied to you. That's my 2 cents; take it or leave it.

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Probably best to stick with the NE3 for what it does best, its organs.


List the sounds you'd want in the other keyboard. So far, you only mentioned piano. For that, you can get a Casio Privia for under $500 and they're really quite respectable especially at that price. They're a bit weaker in the other sounds though.



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Sell the XK1 - get another Electro 3! :D


Or - sell both boards and get a Stage EX Compact and a Fatar Numa Nano :D

Too much stuff, too little time, too few gigs, should spend more time practicing...!  🙄

main instruments: Nord Stage 3 compact, Yamaha CP88, Kurzweil PC4, Viscount KeyB Legend Live

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