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Oriental Slap


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I see stuff like this and wonder why I even bother..............


Too cool. Maybe someday *sigh*................

Do not be deceived by, nor take lightly, this particular bit of musicianship one simply describes as "bass". - Lowell George


"The music moves me, it just moves me ugly." William H. Macy in "Wild Hogs"

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There is an oriental mode?

Why not? :) for example this mode called "Agava Raba". Birthplace of this scale is Israel. Israel is the Middle East. Has the Middle East any relevance to the "Orient"? I should say "yes".

Sure. And let's not forget that our much-beloved "blues scale" evolvd from an African pentatonic mode.


Big-time fun for no money: Learn one of these non-Western scales, and when it's your turn to solo in a blues tune, make that scale the basis of your solo. Any "blues nazis" in the room will lose their minds. :D


[With apologies to Bob Seger: "Everybody wants to do th' Oriental Slap!"]



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