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Cort M600

Crazy Fingers

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I was surprised to see the February GP review the Cort M600. I just purchased one while I was on a business trip in Korea a few weeks ago. I bought it at the Nakwon Arcade in Seoul which is a huge music center with several floors and hundreds of music stores. I got a great deal ($320 USD) and that included a gig bag, strap, jack, extra strings and even a dozen picks! The guitar is beautifully finished, plays great and sounds great! It really feels like a guitar three times the price. If you're ever in Korea, check out the Nakwon Arcade. And if you're not, check out this guitar anyway!
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Thanks all for the warm welcome folks.. I'm a long time GP reader (since the 70s) so I'm thrilled to be able to interact with all of you!


There's also the "Guitar Player Editors' Office"-Forum, where you can occasionally interact with some of the GP staffers. We here are just some of the flotsam & jetsam of the internet that have collected together in this virtual corner... ;)


But by all means, stick around! :thu:

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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Thanks for the YouTube link Picker! I had actually watched that clip as well as every other review and video I could get my hands on before buying the M600. The more I play that guitar, the more I'm amazed what a great deal I got! I got a Line 6 PODxt for Christmas and the M600 sounds amazing through that little thing!
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