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This guy cud put us all outta bizness!!!

super combinator

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I thought it was entertaining enough, wouldn't want to see a whole night of it though. The guitar players that came on were kind of one dimensional so that kind of made the whole parody work. That style of guitar playing is already out of business anyway, not judging, just making the comment.
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He's still relying on electronic effects, anyways- it's not purely vocal technique. I'd like to see him go up onstage in a headcuttin' contest with some real fire-breathin', bad@$$3d guitarists who'd spent years gigging, p!$$3d-off to be compared to and parodied by this guy... he'd get mowed down. Against, say, Sonny Landreth, Eric Sardinas, Otis Rush, Jeff Beck, Vernon Reid, Eric Gales, Derek Trucks...

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

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We already have Bobby McFerrin....

check this from about 20 years back.



"Sunshine of Your Love"


Thanks for that link. I went from singing a-capella way back, to learning that tune as my first lesson on guitar. That put the two together for the first time all these years later. Fun...........

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