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Bass Cabinet Construction


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I am going to be making my own cabinet pretty soon, and I was wondering if you guys have ANY advice or sources for me to check out. I was going to just google it, but I trust you guys far more than the internet.


I was thinking a sealed 610, but I don't know how deep or shallow I should go. I usually have a pretty flat EQ with a little bit of grind just from how hard I hit the strings if that helps narrow down what I should do at all.


Thanks ahead of time guys :D

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The internet is actually your best resource.



Do your homework and leave nothing to chance.

Don't be lazy - Make sure you understand the math.

Find a cabinet maker to cut your materials.

Post progress/results on this forum.

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Unless you are doing this for the fun of it, don't do it. Save up and buy a professionally made cab. You will end up spending pretty much the same as you would buying one.

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There is only one way to do it...This way:



The photos on page one have expired, but the pics at the end of page 2 have not.


(OK, so I'll bet there's more than just one way....but none cooler, and none easier for a non-carpenter.)

Things are just the way they are, and they're only going to get worse.

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Go to the web and find 2 things.

1. The specs on your speakers.

2. A free software program for designing speaker cabinets.

A bad design not based on the speaker specs will probably

sound like crap. Emerson used to have a demo program.

Now do other research on how to construct the cabinet so the thing won't fall apart on you. I also recommend you use birch plywood.

Lydian mode? The only mode I know has the words "pie ala" in front of it.


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A 6x10,? Consider if you are ready to handle the weight.


Why do you want to build? Just to do it? Because shipping charges on such a thing makes it cost prohibitive where you live?


I'd say buy a used on from a reputable maker.


Good luck, I hope you get whatever you want out of this.

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It's mostly for the experience to be honest. I'm soon going to be going to school to get a degree in electrical engineering and will experiment making my own amps based off of other amp designs whenever I get the know how to do so.


I have access to a highly skilled carpenter, and there is a complete and total lack of used gear in my area. I've been combing through pawn shops, both of the guitar shops in my area, and the internet and I've found nothing bigger than a 210.


Thanks for the advice guys :D

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Notes on sealed vs vented...




  • Higher cutoff frequency
  • 12 dB/octave rolloff
  • requires much higher cone excursion, thus less max output
  • lower "group delay" (i.e. tighter at the low end)
  • potentially smaller box
  • less efficient


Vented (assuming sized/tuned properly)


  • Lower cutoff frequency
  • 24 dB/octave rolloff
  • higher max output with less cone excursion
  • higher "group delay" - though a good design will minimize
  • probably require a bigger box and proper tuning
  • more efficient - essentially the back wave from the speaker is inverted through the port and added to the front wave below the tuning frequency. So you are using more of the speaker's energy to produce sound in the lowest end of it's range.



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Do lots of research. I promise that most of these would be as loud or louder and sound better than most 610s you'll find out there. The design concepts are very similar to that of our own C. Alexander C. and his Barefaced Bass cabs. (Speaking of which, do some research on those and see if you might like to spend your money on that instead)


Building a fEarful cab can be less expensive than buying a new high-end cab and, if built properly, could out-perform 99% of them. All the scary math and design work has been done by a brilliant mind who harbors a serious passion for the craft and a long-lasting resentment that he couldn't get anything on the commercial market that would perform to his standards.


...or you can go full-on DIY and draw up your own plans and really have fun with it. It all depends on your priorities and as the commercials say, "There's no wrong way to eat a Reese's."

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