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What'd you get for Christmas?


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Nothing really musical for me, though I did get a Mackie Thump speaker and a small mixer, but I ordered those. It's supposed to be a Christmas and b'day gift combined.


I got a nice oval saute pan and an oval pasta pot, they both work great. A few Underarmor shirts and shorts (I like to wear those on my motorcycle under my protective gear to keep cool and dry). My daughter got me a nice 4 pack of English holiday ales in big bottles. My son got me Da Ali G show on dvd. My wife doesn't understand that humor but the rest of us were rolling watching it.


The best part was having everyone here and spending time together, as we get older and our kids grow up that time is special.

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I got James Barron's Piano: The Making of a Steinway Concert Grand:


It should be fun sorting out some of the Steinway factory fact from folk-tale.


One favorite quote from the preface:


"Many of the machines are older than the men who operate them ..."





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A few things I got that would be of interest to fellow forum members:




I actually asked for this based on a recommendation by another forumite in some other thread (I think it was MonksDream?). I'm about 2/3rds of the way through it, and it really is a good read. Lots of interesting facts and tidbits about the recording sessions. Highly recommended for any Miles Davis fan!

Glad you're enjoying it! :)

Instrumentation is meaningless - a song either stands on its own merit, or it requires bells and whistles to cover its lack of adequacy, much less quality. - kanker
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I also got a book about the Jazz Loft Project, which I've barely cracked at this point:



I read a preview of that book and it looks really interesting. Let me know what you think of it when you're done.

Instrumentation is meaningless - a song either stands on its own merit, or it requires bells and whistles to cover its lack of adequacy, much less quality. - kanker
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Mark levines piano book was for me the jazz piano bible, great book with loads of tricks. Perhaps I should dig that book up again too.




I got a real book, Mark Levine's 'Jazz Piano Book', and some CD's including some Lonnie Smith trio. Oh yea, and clothes, shoes and cinema tickets. Man, was that a lovely night.


Oh, and I gave a guitar.

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I got a sculpture of a keyboard player -- he's got glasses, wiry hair, and is playing a dual keyboard setup with a mic -- and it's made out of bits of scrap metal welded together. It's so cool.


I don't have a picture of it (I'll post one tonight when I get home), but I think it's made by the same people that made my auto-parts R2D2 sculpture:



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My wife got me a couple of sweaters, a few short-sleeve shirts, a fleece pajama outfit, a fleece jacket and A RIGHTEOUS GATOR ATA KEYBOARD CASE FOR THE JUNO-D!!!





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It's was not for Christmas, but in the end of October (but it keeps my going for this semester and many more to come) - my daughter!!! What more to ask for a present!
Be grateful for what you've got - a Nord, a laptop and two hands
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Well, a little late, but I broke down and bought myself the Edirol P-10 - should be here later today.


I've been doing some DVD stuff with movie/video clips as well as still images and animations that loosely followed the show - but it was a pain in the butt burning a DVD for each set and I only did it for special shows. Now, I'll be able to trigger video and image clips from my keyboard and have everything synced up to the songs we're playing, as well as control an external video input from a camera.


Currently plan on just feeding to existing screens at bars we play - more than a couple have the back of the stage filled with giant LCDs/Plasmas that they typically cover with curtains when the band plays - we can have a video backdrop at these places.


Most of the video is just animations of our logo or stills of us, but then I throw up occasional imagery/video related to the song we're playing - particularly if it's associated with a movie. Like during "Don't You Forget About Me" - clips from "The Breakfast Club", etc. I'd like to do some Max Headroom stuff as well.


We're also going to start doing some video intros - start the video while we're offstage and put together about a 1 min clip of 80's imagery and samples as we enter the stage, with us coming in with the first song at the end of it.


Trying to kick things up a notch in 2010.



Acoustic/Electric stringed instruments ranging from 4 to 230 strings, hammered, picked, fingered, slapped, and plucked. Analog and Digital Electronic instruments, reeds, and throat/mouth.

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