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Chick Corea Keyboard Workshop DVD

Tim Wood

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I got this DVD for Christmas, and even though I can understand criticisms of the way the DVD is done as Chick doesn't really provide much commentary on what he's doing, it's still a great buy and very inspirational.


My favourite part is where he plays Cole Porter's "Easy to Love" and comes out with some beautiful chords/voicings which should help me when I try to make solo piano arrangements just from lead sheets in the future.


Some of the material is a bit beyond me at the moment, but that may change in time.


I recommend this just to see a master play, I'm a major Chick fan so I would say that.


Happy Christmas!

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Techniques, Harmony etc is just 30 mins. The remaining half an hour is on composition, I wish he had spent more time on voicings, especially for standards. I love his voicings, they have such a modern sound with them quartal chords etc. T


There is another DVD called Electric Workshop which focuses on synths, orchestration etc

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Thanks Tim! I've seen the old electric workshop and honestly, a new one would probably be unnecessary. I agree about his voicings. Lots of traditional upper structures yet distinctively Chick. I may pick this one up.


His 2005 Rendezvous in NYC (10 DVD) set gets regular rotation here. Amazing.





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It appears to me few great keyboardplayers are good educators.


Especialy the one from Chick, he doesn't even try to give you some insights.


Unlike for example drummers like Dave Weckl and Porcaro, they made great instrucion dvd's (vhs).







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