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Interesting tech to supercede GRAMMA pad


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OK, so it's basically a stabilized platform with opposing polarity rare earth magnets. No biggie, really.


But I need to do the math for something the mass of, let's say, an Acme Low B1. It would really be the ultimate decoupler, with the only thing connecting the speaker to the floor being the cable. Any of you physicists want to give me some numbers? And would the field be localized enough to avoid messing with the speaker travel?

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You can't detect the mass as gravity is still acting on the object. The magnetic field is just reacting to the weight of the object. Although the vibrations may not transfer through the gap, they could through the small guide posts going through the plate if those posts are touching the plate.


And yeah you will lose low end with the speaker not touching the floor.

Lydian mode? The only mode I know has the words "pie ala" in front of it.


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Technology for the sake of technology. Outside of a lab environment or corporate and government use with multi-billion dollar budgets, I see no need for this.


A few funny comments on the bottom of the link.


I too would like to explore more of this concept though, but for this to gain as a necessity, it woulds require more and more mass of these magnets to handle any significant weight. That's a big problem. Hey, if you get this thing to work, it may negatively effect the sound to a desired degree. Hell, let's through caution to the wind and put it under a vintage rotating (Leslie) cabinet.


I don't like it but if you have a desire to do it, go ahead, I'd help you if I could.

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On the other hand, I know someone who has his turntable on a concrete pad which is somehow isolated from the floor so that it cannot pick up any room vibrations. He also has a power amp on top of each speaker so that the cable runs will be shorter.


My turntable is mounted on gyroscopes. Records do not skip. If you bang on the stereo cabinet or shut the front door, the cd player will skip but the turntable will not.


This post is not a joke.


Or as someone I once knew said,


Shut the fff............ront door.

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(Snip) He also has a power amp on top of each speaker so that the cable runs will be shorter. (Snip)

Well, correct but since electricity is running close to/at lightspeed, a few feet of cable won't make any difference - so, that's not it. Only thing left is current delivered. Problem: longer cables? Solution: bigger cables.


It is known that electricity likes to travel at the surface of conductors, that's why stranded cables are better than solid cop; more surface (besides flexibility, of cource). If I had to eliminate as much loss as possible in spkr cables, I would use copper tubing (pipes), obviously in a permanent and unmovable setup :freak: .


A long time ago, I experimented with a Pwr Amp setup where output was delivered through heavy cable - as usual - but where negative feedback (usually taken at the output stage back to the differential input stage, internally) was taken FROM the speaker terminals through another pair of leads. Results were impressive, improved damping factor, longer cables allowed etc. Drawback was two pairs of cables per speaker were required (fortunately, feedback run don't have to be heavy) - and - don't mess with the connections, otherwise, instantaneous smoke in the output stage...


EDIT: Sorry, a bit OT as per OP...

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