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Anyone here have experience with the Novation X-Station?


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Specifically it's onboard synth. I have little to no use for it right now as a MIDI controller, but of course thats not to say I won't in the future, but right now I'm looking for a hardware synth.


For synth I've been using an EXTREMELY basic MIDI controller (49 keys, volume slider, pitch and mod wheels only) hooked into my friends Macbook running Gforce Minimonsta. However, none of that is actually mine, and considering I'm soon to head to college I'd like to get my hands on a hardware synth, and this is near my budget, and looks pretty killer. I find it hard to go wrong with all of those fun knobs and sliders. I'd be looking for a pretty versatile sound palate as far as synths go, covering everything from funk and rock to ambient and techno (and I know this isn't a sampler, I mean synth as in synth sounds). Anyways, anyone here know how it sounds, how tweakable it is, how deep it gets?


It looks nice on paper, but considering there's nowhere around here that stocks it, you guys are the best reviewers I've got.

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I've had one (25 note keyboard) for a few years but haven't used it a lot. I bought it because I wanted a portable keyboard with audio interface for a laptop and the synth was an added bonus. Here are my thoughts:


- I like the action.

- For the price, it's nice to have all the knobs for tweaking.

- Works nicely for bass sounds. Otherwise, I think the sounds are a little cold for an analog emulation. Probably works better for techno type synth sounds.



Overall good valud for the money.

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