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Lifetime of a modern keyboardaction


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Hi all keyboarders


I used to have a Roland fp 1 where the hammers started to crack after a couple of years use, should have sold it in time :)


Anyhow I sold my yamaha P90 a couple of years ago to buy nord stage which have been used heavily over a couple of years....


I sure don't wan't my keyboard to break down on me....what do you think, experiences?? Guess the hammer mechanics are worse than synth actions.


Is it possible to service or finetune these actions, I find the nord action a bit to easy push down, and the keys doesn't return fast enough for trills. I know it will never be as my schimmelpiano with renner mechanics.




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Hammer action keys are as strong as their weakest point. Often a very small unseen back corner of the key will break which causes the key to lean into other keys and become "sluggish". Also your keys will no longer be spaced properly. That's the first indication that the action is irrevocably dying. All keyboards suffer from this regardless of brand, although some major manufacturers will replace the broken keys and/or the entire keybed under warranty if you are the original purchaser with proof of purchase (usually a one-time deal).


To answer your question - no fine tuning is possible that I know of. Go easier on the keyboard and it will last longer.

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I dont know the answer to your question, but based on boards Ive had, I had an FP3 which I loved, used rec/Ivory for accoustic, but it had the best rhodes Ive ever found..it lasted for years until a few months ago..then the whole action just sort of went south..dont know, mabey the felt needed replaced, but the repair cost vs simply getting a new board didnt justify the repair. Ive had many Ensoniqs which used Fatar beds if Im not mistaken..those were not bad, but they went south much quicker than the Roland. I wanted to replace the 3 w/a Kawai which I really like, but I read about so many problems w/the keys that I was hesitant to spend mucho dinero (not Robert) getting one that I could depend on, so I went w/the 700gx. I think that all products have a projected lifespan and since the roland outlasted everything Ive used, I picked up another. I dont think theres a way to actually service a DP..I know that you can have the felt replaced, but finding a service person that you trust is sometimes like finding a good used car salesman...
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