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Midi controller for a specific simple task?


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Hey, I'm looking for a midi controller to do a specific job, what I want is something to use with this: http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/product/39923-sonuus-g2m-guitar-to-midi-converter.html to add some extra control to the output.


What I'm looking for is a controller that has a midi input and output and that can modify the signal in this way and send these additional commands to the sound module:


1: Bank and patch changes (obvious reasons)

2: octave up and down (I'm using it with an electric bass so range is limited)


Anything else is extra really, only other factor is it needs to be portable enough to take to gigs so if its something with keys not more than 25 (although keys would be quite useful too but very non essential).




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That looks pretty cool but its a lot more elaborate than what I need really, I'm more looking for something like this:




with midi in and out functionality.


In fact the controls on that are more or less perfect for what I need live and that'd be useful for using with Cubase too, been meaning to get an external controller for a while. I think thats just USB though and I'd need something with midi i/o


Cheers for the help so fast though.

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