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The Roland VB-99 with a Ritter...


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Hey Jeremy,


I totally do. That is one of the coolest things about the separate string signals... It's so much fun to tweak some strings and not others. For any kind of solo composition it makes the possibilities overwhelming. You can bring out the melody while keeping the supportive parts low... no compromise in the mix. Effectively treating each string like it's own instrument.


This is a pretty crude recording but put through some compressors into pro logic I'm getting some very cool sounds.


Thanks for the question and best wishes!!



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haha... totally! Rhythm guitarists beware.. lol



I'm from Burlington, VT and I've played in a lot of regional touring bands in the Northeast but for the past few years I've been working on solo material.


My debut album was reviewed in the March '08 issue of BP.



How about you? are you looking to get get rid of your rhythm guitarist? ha ha ha


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Thanks guys!


Hey Paul..I've always wished that too about octave pedals..strange they don't add that feature more often. Interestingly, it's not the midi that does it...it's just the processor(s). The 99 does act as a midi device but I actually haven't really used that part. It's pretty cool because the tracking remains super accurate because it's not midi. you can actually take each string up or down 2 octaves... mix in as much of the normal piezo as you want, or standard 1/4 signal. It's pretty cool. You can also use expression pedals to change the pitches of whichever strings you want while keeping the others the same. Like "pedal steel" bass. I was thinking doing this would make the tone too synthetic but I think it actually sounds really good. Super fun.


Hey b5pilot,


glad you like the bass!! If you'd like to see more you can

do so here



Thanks again and happy holidays!



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I'm a bit surprised no-one has mentioned the MicroPog.

It can track the original note plus an octave up and down at the same time.

I'm not sure how acurate it is in the studio, but live, it works like a charm. With a little tweaking, in conjunction with an EBS BassIQ, you can get some very interesting envelope filter/Octave generator tones.


But as I said, I can't verify what these will do in the studio.



Confirmed RoscoeHead

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That was pretty cool Aram. I had to listen again after reading further into the thread. I thought you were playing to a track at first. Nice job slapping too.

I remember you from when you were here before.

Visit my band's new web site.









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