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Buying a guitar--need recommendations!


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I'm in the market for a guitar and I'm stuck deciding which one I want to commit to.


I am learning the classical style and I prefer smaller-bodied, narrower-neck guitars as I have small hands.


Right now, I'm looking at the Taylor NS72-CE and the Ramirez 2CWE. I've played a Taylor NS62-CE and loved it, but there are no Ramirez near where I live. This is where I ask all of you--if you have played either (or both!), which do you prefer?


Are there other guitars I need to take into consideration? My price range is $2600 or below.





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Yeah, welcome!


I humbly suggest that you edit the "Subject"-line to read-


"Buying a Classical Guitar- need recommendations!"


-so that you will get more replies from people with more extensive experience concerning classical guitars.


GreySeraph? Gruupi? S. Yeti Bigfoot, Esq.? Eric Iverson? Y'all who pump nylons? Who am I forgetting here?


I'll hazard a guess that the Taylor will have a slimmer, more "small-hand friendly" neck than many Ramirez guitars, which I'd assume to be more traditional in design and feel. Compare nut, neck, fretboard, and string-spacing specifications between guitars.


Comparing traditional flat fretboard vs a modest radius (curvature) may also be a consideration.

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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The Taylor and Ramirez you mentioned are ok guitars but for $2600 you are getting in the range of a decent used luthier made guitar, or even a new one from a lesser known maker. It's really hard to find classical guitars in most markets and you may have to have one custom made, especially if you are looking for a smaller guitar.


The two guitars you mentioned are more of a crossover, not true classical guitars. A lot of the cost goes into electronics (and marketing), and for that price you can get better. There a a lot of US luthiers that build guitars in the $2500 to $4000 range, it's a pain finding one you like and maybe waiting several months for it to be built, but thats the way the classical guitar market is run. There are dealers and there is also Ebay, I wish it was easier but we all have to go through it.


As far as small hands, so many beginners think this is a problem when they really don't need to compromise on a full scale instrument. Sure there may some pieces that you just can't play but learning on a standard size guitar will make your life easier throughout your whole playing career.

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