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will polyphony affect sound performance?


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hi! im still a newbie here. I'm planning to buy either a Yamaha PSR-e413 or a Roland E-09. i love the E-09 (64-poly) because it's sounds are very realistic but i also hate the fact that it might be hard to switch tones/settings specially when gigging because it doesn't have a memory bank. after a few weeks of searching i stumbled upon the Yamaha PSR-e413(32-poly). it's good but from the videos ive seen, the tones sound quite weak. what i liked about this is that it has a memory bank which is what makes Yamaha easy to switch settings. but i still believe that the sounds of the Roland e-09 are superior to the Yamaha PSR e413.


which keyboard sounds great for gigging? I've read in some forums that the e-09 sounds are thin but only if compared to the Roland Prelude or Roland GW-8. in other forums i've read that the PSR e413 speakers are bad but if played through a set of headphones the sounds generated become beautiful.

is this all the same when i plug it into an amplifier?


i really need some help because this would be my first keyboard and i would use it for gigging. genres would be anything. reggae, rock, accoustic, jazz, etc.


please help me out.

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Sound is something that can't be quantified. We argue here all the time about the sound quality of instruments, and there's no definite answer. Trust your own ears. Whichever one sounds best to your ears is the correct answer.


Then you just have to decide which is more important with the options you've given: memory or sound. I personally would go with what I think sounds and feels the best. Especially since it's your first keyboard, stick to the basics.


As far as amplifiers, you should really try some out to see what you think sounds best, but most people around here (myself included) would recommend powered monitors or PA speakers over a "keyboard amp." For much more info on that, you can search the forum. It comes up a lot.


Actually, there is one cold, hard, non-disputable fact when it comes to sound: the DX7 EP is the living embodiment of cheese. Everything else is subjective. :thu:

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