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Solo piano & vocals


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After several months playing bass I am attracted back to keys.


But now I want to learn how to sing and play piano at the same time. I have no experience of (proper) singing and find that my accompaniment falters when I sing at the same time.


Anyway, on to my main question/request. Please recommend me some good songs that I can sing and accompany myself. I'm looking for a list of well known, easy to play & sing songs that work in a solo piano context.


Will predominantly be playing piano although even playing some synth with bass/pad splits could be interesting for variation.


Any other tips gratefully received.


Thanks in advance!

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"Blue Moon" is logic, sequential, and easy to learn. It's the song that every student of the famous singing coach Judy Davis was required to start with (Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Mary Martin, Grace Slick, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Doobie Brothers, etc.)



Verse in C


||: C A-7 | D-7 G7 :|| 4x


Judy Davis bio:



Harry Likas was the Technical Editor of Mark Levine's "The Jazz Theory Book" and also helped develop "The Jazz Piano Book." 

Harry teaches jazz piano online using Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, or Google Meet.


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Hey Jazz: Did you study with Judy? I did and one day this older woman who i didn't recognize sat next to me during a class. I was later informed that she was Mary Martin.


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I used to have a great deal of trouble doing what you are trying to do, and the way I conquered it was to just simply learn it with whole note chords (of half note - but usually note more fine grained than that) in the right hand (left playing root), while I sang. It felt like I was making progress early as I WAS singing and playing, but my playing was simplified somewhat.


Then I gradually increased the complexity of the piano part.


Keep at it, it will come.

I'm just saying', everyone that confuses correlation with causation eventually ends up dead.
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