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Receptor Mono Output?


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I've done it both ways. Both with decent results. Receptor L&R summed to mono for FOH and sending just the Left or Right. Ping pong delays and auto pan might not do well, but I would never use that live anyway. The OB-X plug had some panning setups that would make summing better, otherwise each of the 6 voices have individual panning and you may miss a note or two.
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No problems in 5 years, it sounds fine. As Dan said, no ping-pong delays are being used, so all is fine. Again, if you want to come by one evening or at a gig and check it out (we have a Freud gig next Friday 12/18 in Burbank *79th & Harlem), you can hear for yourself. We can repatch both ways if you'd like.
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