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setting up Nord Stage for sequencing

Karl Sutton

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I'm not grasping if this is possible or not, but does anyone know a way to set up a "sequencing" patch? I'd like to dial up a patch that has all the MIDI routed to say a piano, bass, organ, pad, epiano. Is this possible? Or are the MIDI settings stored globally?
Yamaha P22 Upright / Nord Stage 2 SW73
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I wrote somewhere my optimal settings for using a Stage with sequencer using all its multitimbrality capacities, dunno where though.

Basically, the answer to your question is "NO", MIDI settings are stored only globally as far as the six instruments are concerned (only the EXTERN section can be setup globally or for each patch, but this is relevant only for recording not MIDI-playback).


Factory default is that Panel 1 responds to Messages on Ch1, Panel 2 to messages of Ch2. However, you can decide in the MIDI setup to assign one MIDI chanel to each of the six instruments. Then, you can by SHIFT+the Instrument ON/OFF switch aktivate one instrument as to respond to MIDI messages on its specified channel but NOT respond to the keyboard.


So I created a Sequencer patch where all instruments are aktive but not assigned to the keyboard like this. Then, if I activate the Extern Section, MIDI messages are sent to the sequencer and echoed back to play one of the instrument, actually the one whose channel is selected on the sequencer.


But the channels themselves are globally!! (Not a too big limitation in my opinion).

Bonne chance!


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