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Would you take this blindfold test?


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Don't know if this has been posted around here before (Maybe in the YouTube Thread).. I thought it might deserve a topic of its own, for the sake of discussion..



Would you take this blindfold test? How much do you get to know about bass sounds?


(Any Dutch speaking LowDowners would help with some translation please?



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I can't imagine an American TV show that would give a shit about bass guitars enough to devote the time to a similar quiz. Still, the guy was amazing. I couldn't do that in a million years.
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This show ran for a good few years when I was younger. Someone could challenge "the show" by making a certain claim and then they tested it live. I remember one guy could recognize a song by looking at the equalizer image whilst it was being played (without sound).


A friend of my fathers is a "living statue". He can lower his heartbeat immensely and remain immobile that way. He was refused from the show because he could remain immobile far longer than it took to record a single episode :grin:


I'm off to see Rammstein, but I'll have a look later and translate what needs translating (if anything.)

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The only basses I could pick out would probably be the Jaydee or a Warwick because they're pretty distinctive. I heard the distict voicings of the basses in the clip but I would do poorly recognizing them in a blindfold test. Any chance to meet Mark King would be very cool though!

Lydian mode? The only mode I know has the words "pie ala" in front of it.


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I wouldn't ever be so bold at to do that. But I can generally hear a specific type of bass pretty easily. P, Jazz, Ric is all fairly easy to pick out. Alembics are also fairly easy for me becuase I love the sound of them so much but it isn't as common in popular music.


I'd be more interested to have a challenge of "here is a song that is popular, what bass is it?" Basically hearing the bass in the mix of a band setting.

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