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Drums and machines

Michele C.

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Hello, I am working on timing and look for drum loops or a drum machine or something to turn on on my Mac while I play until it starts surfing smoothly.

I have tried GarageBand and Band in a Box to some avail, but would prefer a drum machine easy to start and to feed with good patterns.

I downloaded some but they are all for heavily involved rhythm programmers. I would like something much simpler, better yet with a start/stop pedal.

What are you using now?

-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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Buy Propellerhead's Reason. It seems pricey, but if you want it to it can change the way to compose and practice. It has a fabulous loop player (and includes great drum loops) as well as a simple step-sequencer. Combine that with the ReGroove technology, and you can have your loops not sound so stiff.


On top of that, it has top-shelf synths and sample players. The UI is out of this world. Really.

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