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Hopefully I can give a suggestion (otherwise the mods can delete this) but can people put Paul Galbraith as the best classical guitarist? :D


edit: (and possibly put Guthrie Govan as the best outsider?)


edit #2: THANK YOU SO MUCH GP FOR TAKING OFF BEST FEMALE GUITARIST FROM YOUR LIST. That type of position is retarded, because women can be as good as men in their own right; we don't need to get all "affirmative-action" on this...

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Seraph, why don't you make a list of current classical guitarists for people to check out? I was just about to email a buddy of mine who moved to Argentina to further study after getting his Masters in classical guitar performance to ask him who the current notables are...


I have to admit I usually don't vote in the GP poll because I don't keep up with all the categories in a super-immersed way, and I'd hate to be part of the group who unwittingly votes Martin Barre best metal guitarist or something...



(no disrespect intended to Martin Barre, but there's a joke there somebody hopefully should get)

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Maybe we need a new category, "Best Hermaphrodite Guitarist" - just to make sure we cover all the bases.......


Seriously, I agree that "best female guitarist" is silly - if the lady can play, her gender shouldn't matter! I mean, do people come up and ask Sharon Isbin about how being a woman affects how she plays a Bach Lute Suite?

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