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What's up with the herbicide ads?


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I am getting ads for some sort of new herbicide when I post to the site here, and they say they are sponsored by Music Player, so I know their not some malware infection on my computer.

As much as I find ads that come up like that annoying, I can understand the need to make some money to keep the site going and all. Ads for music gear, CD's, concerts, etc. I can understand.




Isn't this a kinda strange demographic to place ads like that in? How many of you guys use herbicides regularly, on lawn or farm?

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It's to help you learn to play "Return of the Giant Hogweed."




You beat me like a red-headed stepchild! :(

You can stop now -jeremyc

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lug, you should add that statement to you signature.-Tenstrum

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One of my fav Genesis songs !!!!


When Phil's drumming was worth listening to (Erik - please watch this to see the stupid shirt Phil is wearing). Listen to that outro on the studio recording - he's a beast on that.


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Acoustic Color


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FYI: Transatlantic (Neal Morse, Pete Trewavas, Roine Stolt & Mike Portnoy) cover this on the extended version of their new cd, The Whirlwind. Mighty good playing.


Lug- you love it. The beatings will continue until morale improves. Or Erik becomes a DT fan.

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Phil's beard is amazing in this footage... as is the armadillo in Gabriel's trousers. Beyond these things, I wasn't impressed.



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--Sun Tzu

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